Monday, February 3, 2014

Of Sharks and Little Girls

Sometimes I wonder who I would be if I didn't trip up my life's plan, sidestep the straight and narrow, avoid trouble, and end up with kids. That might sound bad at first, but what I mean is, I just don't think I would be able to view the world in all it's awesomeness, without these two here to show me how to see things from a brand new perspective.

Case in point. Sharks.

Sure, lots of people are scared of them, and more people think they are out to eat you (all of which my daughter will gladly argue against), but beyond that, people just don't see the absolute beauty of them. And I would be one of those people, if it wasn't for a young girl who suddenly found her passion.


There is a serene peacefulness that accompanies these giants of the deep. Fierce, but also part of a thriving, healthy planet.  Able to tear their prey to shreds, but curious animals that amount to far more than eating machines.

And yet, for everyone one human they kill, making the mistake that the human was food, we turn around and kill thousands. Every hour. Every day of the week. Every year. It's horribly sad, especially since I've just discovered their beauty.

If others don't soon, there won't be any left to look at. I realize that now, all because of a small girl who loves these fearsome creatures.

Fearsome, but amazingly beautiful as well.

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